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Alice Paton TRE Mentor Trainee Hackney, London, UK website link

Cheda Mikic TRE Certified Trainer London, UK website link

Deborah Brown TRE Mentor Brighton website link

Gareth Toner TRE Mentor Trainee Belfast and Newcastle, Northern Ireland website link

Geoff Johnson TRE Mentor Trainee NW6 and City of London, London website link

Jo Hamilton TRE Mentor Devon website link

Kate Munden TRE Mentor Trainee SE London and Kent website link

Mandy Gaze TRE Mentor Trainee Edinburgh, Midlothian and the Scottish Borders website link

Paul McMahon TRE Mentor Trainee Belfast, Northern Ireland website link

Steph Hodgson TRE Certified Trainer Banbury, Midlands and Bristol website link

Steve Haines TRE Certified Trainer switzerland website link

Vicki Cook TRE Certified Trainer Trainee Edinburgh, Scotland website link